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Bread Guide

We all have different ways we like to enjoy our bread. How we care for it will determine which way is best suited to our own tastes. 

Do you like to maintain a crusty loaf? Pop the loaf into a linen bread bag (a paper bag should do the trick too in a pinch) and it should stay crusty with a moist crumb for a couple of days. 

Prefer a softer crust? That's good too! Store your loaf in a plastic bag. 

Bread doesn't belong in the fridge. While it is cooler in there, the cooler temperatures will dry out the interior of your loaf quickly. 

Can't eat a whole loaf while it's freshest? Our loaves are great toasted out of the freezer. Slice the loaf when you get home and place in a sealed bag and in the freezer. Take out slices as needed. 

If your loaf is in need of a refreshment - preheat your oven to 325F. Once the oven is up to temperature, place the loaf bottom side up under a running tap of water. You want to wet the loaf not soak it. Place the loaf into the over for 15-20 minutes. The water will steam the interior of the loaf while the crust will crisp again. Please note: this is a great way to refresh a loaf but will not prolong its life beyond a few hours. This can also be done with a loaf that has had a slice or two already cut off! 

a loaf of sourdough bread
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