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slice of sourdough focaccia

Where is Farro & Rye?
Farro & Rye is a home based micro-bakery in Kincardine ON. We are a GBPH approved operation. 

Do you make gluten free products? 
Unfortunately, we do not produce anything that is gluten free. Even if we were to produce gluten wise products , we couldn't guarantee that it hasn't come into contact with the flours we use for our regular products. 

Are you a nut free facility? 
We have nuts in the bakery. Although, they aren't used often. We do not, however, have peanuts in our bakery. With that being said, we do purchase ingredients from places that it could have had contamination. We bake most of our flavoured bread in cloth lined baskets that are washed after each use. We also bake all flavoured loaves on parchment paper in the oven to further reduce cross contamination. 


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